History of Be-Diamond

Nathalie Desantis



The story of Be-diamond is a testament to the family’s deep-rooted connection to the world of diamonds. The Anastassian-De Santis family’s multi-generational involvement in the diamond industry showcases their dedication and passion for this precious gemstone. It all began with Anastassian’s mother, who spent over three decades in the diamond field, honing her expertise and knowledge.

The torch was then passed to her son, who became an expert diamond cutter at a young age, demonstrating a commitment to preserving the family’s legacy. His skill and craftsmanship ensure that every diamond selected for Be-diamond jewelry is handled with precision and care.

Adding a creative touch to the brand is Nathalie, the daughter-in-law, who is responsible for designing the exquisite jewelry pieces. Her artistic sensibilities and design prowess contribute to the brand’s aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s a contemporary and trendy design or a more traditional and timeless piece, Be-diamond’s jewelry reflects the culmination of their collective experience, especially their Antwerp heritage.

Antwerp, renowned as the global hub of the diamond trade, is the backdrop for Be-diamond’s craftsmanship. This city has a long-standing tradition of diamond cutting and trading, and the brand’s commitment to creating all its jewelry in this prestigious location underscores its dedication to quality and authenticity.

In summary, Be-diamond’s history is intertwined with a family’s generational passion for diamonds, with each member contributing their expertise to create stunning jewelry that embodies both modern design and the rich heritage of Antwerp’s diamond industry.

A brand with character

Be-diamond appears to be a unique jewelry brand that emphasizes personalization
and uniqueness in its offerings. They stand out by offering bespoke jewelry,
allowing customers to not only modify existing designs but also to design their
pieces from scratch. This approach speaks to a clientele that values exclusivity
and individuality.

Furthermore, their distinctive use of black diamonds, which are not as popular in the mainstream jewelry industry, gives them an edge and creates a unique brand identity. By choosing not to maintain an inventory, Be-diamond ensures that every piece is unique and special, and by having each order overseen directly by the
founders, they add a personal touch that many larger brands may not offer.
The brand’s collaboration with the best craftsmen in Antwerp, a city renowned for its diamond industry, emphasizes their commitment to quality. This approach to jewelry design and manufacturing positions Be-diamond as a brand that is both exclusive and of high quality.

The design, the choice of diamonds and the creation
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